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February 21st 2018

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Veiny Chode Penis Soap

On Sale $5.49 $3.99

PS4 Penis Plug

The PS4 Plug is an elegant urethral toy you will love to use. It is long enough and grooved so it will provide all the stimulation you need. The plug’s width starts at 6mm and it increases to almost 13mm so you will enjoy it to the fullest!

Only $29.99

Butt Tap

The Butt Tap is a strong metallic butt plug with a pronounced head. This anal plug has a large phallic head and 3 inches of insertable length made for pure pleasure. The toy comes with a large handle for a firm grip and movability.

Only $34.99

E-Stim Dipstick Ultrasound

The E-Stim Dipstick Ultrasound is perfect for bringing you unstoppable pleasure whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vet let this piece make your day or night!

Only $54.99

Blow-Up Party Penis - 4.5 Feet Tall

On Sale $32.99 $24.99

E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops

Experience an amazing new sensation with the E-Stim Conductive Rubber Loops as you feel the electricity running through your body!

Only $46.99

Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator

Dont miss out on the Tapered Urethral Stretcher Vibrator and all the intense pleasure it offers! Just slide it in and let the amazing stretching feeling begin coupled with the smooth vibrations youll be in heaven!

Only $29.99

Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weight

Get the no fuss no hassle new Magnetic Ball Stretcher Weights and increase your stretching pleasure! You will love the feel and even the pop when you know your weight is securely in place!

Only $42.99

E-Stim BiCable

The E-Stim BiCable is available for when you need to power two separate E-Stim accessories with different sized connections. Get yours today and start your E-Stim experience!

Only $35.99

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